Thursday, April 09, 2020

French quarantine day 21

17,840 steps

Material of the day: pâte à modeler (play dough).

We're starting to get some color, thanks to our daily walks in the sunny weather. The sea is dead calm and crystal clear. Eric is dying; it's perfect spearfishing weather but no one is allowed on or near the water.

I painted a wall in the communist apartment. It will serve as the backdrop for a makeshift "film studio" so I can tape several lectures and simulation sessions. Breech Without Borders is putting together an online breech course as the coronavirus may continue to disrupt travel for many months.

I found a tiny store in our neighborhood that just opened up and sells flour and a few other essentials. It's way too small to be a grocery store, more of a tiny closet-sized "épicerie". It charges 2x the normal price for flour and only sells one 1 kg bag at a time. But at least I can make bread again!

Zari's art assignment yesterday was to do a "nature morte" (still life) using shoes, both photography & drawings. She came up with a coronavirus theme.


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