Tuesday, February 22, 2022

French apartment renovations, Day 427: Flat floors finally

6,768 steps

I worked all day in the front apartment (and then on breech stuff late afternoon & evening). I guess I do work double shifts many days! But at least it's on my own timing.

In the morning I did more electrical work (running lines in channel I cut in the floor, pulling the ground wire through its conduit and then threading it out into the hallway). I also framed and installed a little half wall under the future kitchen window, since the wall itself has a few bump-outs and needs to be made flat and uniform.

After lunch, Eric joined me and we laid the rest of the Fermacell granules and subfloor on the raised area (about 3/4 of the room). The last area is the kitchen/dining room, which will have a step down. We'll start laying that lower subfloor tomorrow or Thursday. Probably Thursday since there's still some prep work to be done.

If you look closely, you'll see that we installed the subfloor level to teh highest points in the room--and there is (or was) a 17 cm difference from high points (on the periphery) to low points (in the center of the room)! Wow. Now the floor is totally flat. No more tilted furniture.

I was sitting next to Zari this evening as she was doing her homework. I glanced over and she was filling out a detailed worksheet on different methods of contraception: how they work, advantages, disadvantages, how a person would obtain them, etc. Just something totally normal here. Not a special "sex ed" unit or anything--regular life science curriculum. Such a healthier approach than cordoning it off and having to ask parental permission and treating it as a taboo subject.

Oh, this second video is from a few days ago as I was dropping off our garbage. It's Carnaval season!


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