Friday, August 12, 2022

A tire, a fire, a Knight Rider

13,040 steps

Eric put a new innertube on one of Ivy's bike tires, and only one day later it popped with an enormous explosion on the way home. We wonder if he may have overinflated the tube since our pressure gauge is broken.

Ivy was already riding a bike that was too small for her, so we switched her up to Inga's old bike and will give her previous one away.

One thing I like about this year's school schedule: it forces me (or rather, I choose) to go running every morning when I drop Ivy off. It's far enough that I need to run her there if I leave at our planned time. Then I walk it again in the afternoon.

Dio had a sports physical this morning and missed the first hour of school. I then ran a quick errand to Home Depot (black steel pipes for a set of pipe clamps). Then it was breech work until school pickup time.

Ivy and I had a quiet hour at home before everyone else arrived, so we worked on a fun breech video project involving dancing. I hope it turns out okay!

I did more work on my desk top: sanded the underside, then sanded and attached the two support pieces. Tomorrow Eric will help me cut the ends off and then I'll clean them up with a router and sand the top. Then finally it will be time to apply the Osmo Oil!

Normal people would just go out and buy a desk top. But not me. I have to do it the hard way.

We had an old rotten picnic table that was collapsing. I hastened its demise by pulling it apart and burning the boards. We'll recycle the old metal supports.


We watched Knight Rider--an old series from the 1980s that I remember watching. There was much hilarity as our kids discovered the joys of David Hasselhof and his "high tech" car.


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