Tuesday, August 16, 2022

University picnic

10,511 steps

I love days where we realize we don't have to cook dinner! It was the annual university picnic for faculty, staff, and families at the president's house, which is a short walk away. Eric was watching Zari's soccer game so I brought some food home for them.

Other than that, a pretty unremarkable school day for the kids and work day for me and Eric. After the picnic, we did homework on the big dining room table. Inga wrote a short personal essay about going on the Avatar ride at Disney World, which I helped with (mostly in the form of encouraging her and reading through the rough draft).

I had to add a cross-brace on my desk top because of where the legs will attach to the table. Some day...this will be done...some day. I cut, sanded, glued, and screwed the piece of wood in place, then applied one coat of finish.


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