Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sporty Sunday

Zari said something about the weekends going by too quickly. I agree!

I had a quiet house to myself this morning. I mixed up a double batch of sourdough bread and folded it over a 2-hour period.

The afternoon was a sporty one for everybody but me: Inga had soccer practice and the rest of the family went to play Ultimate Frisbee. I had to stay behind to be sure someone was home when Inga finished.

Then we watched another episode of Knight Rider. "This is so cheesy!" Zari said. The kids think it's so funny that David Hasselhoff was considered a hunk back then. "His pants are super high up, all the way to his belly button!" Inga said.

We had a huge bowl of popcorn during the episode and I wasn't particularly hungry. So I made a big salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives, & balsamic dressing) and deviled eggs.

We asked the kids to pack their own lunches this year, so all the leftovers went into lunchboxes. It's so nice that they can do their own. It's still a lot of work to ensure there's enough food!

My desktop is fully oiled and drying. It's been super humid and the finish seems very slow to dry.


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