Monday, August 15, 2022

Back to busy

It's always go-go-go on school days. Inga had her sports physical, so that took most of my morning by time it was done and all the forms were dropped off. Breech-related activities took me all the way to school pickup time.

Ivy left her lunch at home, which neither of us realized until lunchtime. Oops! I had reminded her to put it in her backpack, but didn't verify. Lesson learned. I had an unintended nap once Ivy came home. She was doing homework and I was reading on the couch next to her.

Dio had his first day of soccer and reported that most of the kids weren't very good. He's used to crazy skills levels in France and it's a shock to come here.

Ivy and Eric had soccer practice. I had to play chauffeur becuase Zari still hasn't arranged rides home after practice, so she needed a ride. We'll get things streamlined at some point...

After dinner, Inga requested some family attic time. "I just want us to do something together as a family." So we went up and played pool and foosball. Ivy and I lost to Inga on foosball, despite outnumbering her.


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