Saturday, August 06, 2022

More visitors

Eric's best friend from high school in Canada is visiting with his family (minus the oldest 3 kids who are adults). I love having the space to host people. Their 2 youngest kids had fun playing in the attic and playing soccer outside with Inga and Dio.

Zari had to wake up early for 7:30 am soccer practice. She was exhausted by the evening and went to bed earlier than usual.

I got Dio and Zari to come shopping with me to the local thrift store. Dio has expressed interest in finding some new clothes. We didn't find anything good at that store, but we did find him a hoodie at a nearby clothes outlet. It was fun to shop with them. Inga chose to stay home and read a book.

We went on a walk downtown and around campus with Eric's friends. A very hot, sweaty walk. It feels like you're entering a sauna when you step out the door.

We got a phone call at 10:30 pm with a very happy Ivy (in Disneyworld with her grandparents). "I didn't even miss you at all!" she told us. She kept talking and talking and eventually I had to cut her off gently and tell her to go to bed.


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