Thursday, August 04, 2022

Slow run, physicals, & soccer practice

I went for a run first thing this morning. It was slower than I would have liked, but I also haven't exercised properly for a while. A huge storm rolled in soon after I got back. This is great--the soil will be loose enough to pull weeds tomorrow.

Zari had her soccer physical this afternoon. We were both shivering in the doctor's office, which is kept at 70F (21 C). Way too cold! We keep our house around 78-80 (about 26-27 C), just enough to cut the heat and humidity.

There was an informal get-together for new and current university families so we could meet each other. Someone brought a game involving soft burritos that you throw at each other, which amused the children greatly.

Zari had evening soccer practice with the boy's team because she has to get a certain number of practices in before she can play in a match.


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