Sunday, January 16, 2022

French apartment renovations, Day 390: Sun, ahhhh

6,262 steps

I think I'm the only one with lingering Covid symptoms. They are all pretty mild, thankfully: fatigue, a slight alteration in my sense of taste, and just feeling a bit "off." 3 of us will get tested tomorrow morning.

Half the family had to stay home from church this morning. We had a lovely afternoon at the beach basking in the full sun. Eric napped, I read a book and napped a bit, Inga and Ivy played the whole time, Zari drew pictures on rocks, and Dio grumped about how it was really boring. And my cousin (technically my cousin's daughter, but we'll just call her my cousin!) came along with us and read a book.

I know it wasn't much but it was just so amazing to go out and strip down to a camisole and roll up my pant legs as high as they would go.

Eric made dinner tonight: a big salad, grilled sausages, and Tunisian octopus salad (from an octopus he caught a while back and put in the freezer).


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