Friday, January 21, 2022

French apartment renovations, Day 395: Electrical panel 2.0

5,074 steps

Well, we are making progress on the front apartment. Eric had a pickup soccer game this morning. I painted the final coat inside the electrical cupboard, then installed the main breaker as well as the electrical panel. All we need is our electrician friend to come by and install a "répartiteur de courant" in Le Catamaran and we will have power in the front! Woohoo!


After lunch we made yet another trip to Leroy Merlin, primarily to return the wrong size dishwasher. But of course we had all sorts of other things to return and to buy. We made it back in time to pick up the girls from school.

I cooked saag feta, basmatic, and tarte au chocolat tonight. Then we wall watched an episode of Lupin together with my cousin. The kids hadn't seen it yet either so we restarted at the beginning.

Tomorrow will be fun: a family hike! Zari will have to miss because she has a soccer match in the morning.


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