Sunday, January 02, 2022

French apartment renovations, Days 376: cross over Covid

I think we traumatized the kids: this morning I expressed strong feelings about not going to in-person church this week, given the explosion of Covid cases here in France. (Yesterday we had over 232,000 new cases.) Eric strongly expressed his disagreement. The kids aren't used to us disagreeing strongly. Ivy even wrote about it in her journal. It's so hard to know what the best decision is, since yes the kids are going to school tomorrow so would it make a difference by avoiding today's interaction?

In the end we did stay home and watched on Zoom instead. The in-person crowd was very small due to Covid and holidays.

After that was done, Ivy and Inga built a big fort in the living room. 

We took a family outing to the chateau in the afternoon and ran into the family of one of Inga's friends. They were picnicing and playing soccer so we joined in.

Zari and Dio are stressed about school starting up again. I feel a bit bad that this vacation wasn't all that exciting. The first week was spent hosting our friends and the second week I was out of commission due to illness. So we didn't really "do" anything.

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  1. Just read through some of your blog, back to the offering of sacraments at the LDS church. Fascinating, likely they were discreet but recognized breasts as useful as well as sexual entities, to be heard, less seen in public. (Slurp.) Remember each mother at that time would probably have 6 to 10 kids and taking all of THEM to the back room, if there even was one, may not have been practical at all. I appreciate the struggle with kids and COVID. Imagine if somebody had he Spanish flu in that photo at the LDS church? I had 4 breeches this month at the Montfort and 3 COVID cases in the caseroom. Everybody is getting tested and tested. Betty-Anne


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