Wednesday, June 02, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 163: Bookkeeping and soccer

10,972 steps

For how exhausted I was after yesterday's field trip, I couldn't fall asleep for a while last night! So annoying.

I spent the entire morning doing bookkeeping for Breech Without Borders. The joys of running a nonprofit.

After our usual dropoff, pickup, and grocery run, I brought Dio to his scheduled RDV to go to his soccer practice. He was going to get a ride with the coach. When we got one was there. Hmmm. I called Eric and got the coach's number. The coach said, "Oh, Eric didn't tell you? Practice was 2 hours earlier today." Nope, Eric had told me the wrong time! Eric got a text message yesterday about the time change but forgot to tell me, and I even asked him today if he was sure about the time. No big deal, but Dio was sad to miss practice.

I made meatloaf Wellington and strawberries with whipped marscarpone cream. We ate early tonight--French people would gasp!--but it was nice to have time left over to go on a walk before bedtime.

Guess what we are doing in this photo? It happens quite often chez les Freezes.

That's all. Time to go in bed and read a non-serious book.


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