Wednesday, June 16, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 177: Reading, soccer, beach

6,023 steps

I took it easy this morning and read a book. What a luxury in my life lately. Eric took Zari and Dio to get their first Pfizer shots; they were just approved for 12+ in France.

After I came back from my usual soccer dropoff, pickup, & grocery shopping, Dio wasn't feeling great. General muscle aches and a slight fever. So I called his coach and let him take the afternoon off instead of going to practice.

We met up with a group of families at the beach at the end of the afternoon. Eric found a starfish and brought it up for the kids to look at. Inga also found a little octopus near the shore and wants to come back every day to follow it, like in "My Octopus Teacher."

We had a later dinner due to staying at the beach. Back to work (manual labor) tomorrow!


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