Sunday, June 27, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 188: Down day

I was awake for hours last night, my mind spinning. I decided to take it easy this morning. Well, technically I actually did quite a bit of work, but it was on the computer so it felt restful.

We had a potluck lunch with a huge group of families in the gardens outside the Musée Matisse. I love French potlucks! So many healthy, delicious things to eat. We all ate too much, though.

I felt sleepy all day. Several of us fell asleep in the afternoon, not trying to but it just happened. Late in the afternoon, Eric and I went for a swim sans enfants. They were busy making things out of cereal boxes.

Zari was, in theory, studying but I caught her reading several times. She has her big exams tomorrow and Tuesday. Then FREEDOM!


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