Monday, June 07, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 168: Very late birthday lunch

12,397 steps

Ivy has been talking about having a birthday lunch ever since her birthday. With restaurants opening back up for outdoor dining a few weeks ago, we finally made it happen today!

She chose a nearby Indian restaurant. Indian food in France is SO MILD, like almost no spice at all. The flavors are there, but none of the heat. Way different than Indian restaurants in the US.

When the waiter heard that it was her birthday lunch, he gave her two scoops of ice cream for free. She was beaming and talking a mile a minute the whole time.

I ran and did computer work in the morning. After lunch, Eric and I cut yet more wall channels (we keep thinking we're done...and then we're not!). We hung the brackets for the hot water heater. And then we mixed a big bucket of MAP, which is an adhesive mortar used to attach drywall to walls, to fill large holes in walls, etc. I don't know what the English equivalent is.

I used the MAP to create daubs all along the upper mezzanine wall, where we are going to attach drywall. The wall is nowhere near flat or level, so these daubs were a way of creating a mostly- level surface. We'll put another round of daubs on top of the existing ones when we adhere the drywall to the wall.

So yeah, we're making progress! Our big drywall & sandblasting order arrives tomorrow, along with more electrical wire and "enduit de lissage," a product for smoothing out irregular walls. We might very well have some drywall up by tomorrow. I might even do a happy dance if that happens.


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