Sunday, June 06, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 167: Lazy Sunday

13,367 steps

I felt better today, but Eric was super tired much of the day. I had a nice walk up to Cimiez. Then Zari and I walked down past the Monastery and across the river to Cavigal. She had a soccer match in the afternoon. I dropped her off at 12:30 pm and she didn't return until 7 pm! I'm not sure why they met at 12:30 since the match didn't start until 3:30 and it was only 45 minutes away.

We had a nice lazy afternoon. The kids watched a Minecraft playthrough video about how to defend against zombie attacks. Then we went up to the chateau. Inga got really upset because Dio accidentally knocked her over when they were both chasing after a ball. The rest of the time she was Ms. Grumpy Pants. She gets very intense that way.

We ate leftover Thai coconut chicken soup, plus ratatouille on couscous. I'll make larb on Tuesday.

Not much else to report. Bonne nuit!


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