Friday, June 11, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 172: More MAP

11,048 steps

Let's not talk about last night. I was exhausted but couldn't fall asleep. Again.

My strategy for coping with bad nights is to not stop moving. So today I worked all day on the communist apartment. The plumber came for another half-day this morning (he's been called away to fix a lot of urgent leaks, which doesn't bother us--we're not in a hurry). I cleaned the rest of the chimney while he embedded the water main in the floor.

Then I drilled out the rest of the old walls, making holes every 30 cm about 3 cm deep. Why? This ensures that the MAP (adhesive mortar) has a very good attachment to a surface that isn't crumbly or loose. I basically drill until I hit stone, then I chisel out the little disks with the jack hammer.

Eric joined me to mix up several batches of MAP. We plastered over lots more electircal cables and then started filling the holes in the wall. Notice the cross hatches to ensure a good adhesion with the next layer of MAP.

And that was my day (minus lunch break) all the way until school pickup.

We had dinner (two kinds of quiche made by Eric) and then went on a family walk to buy ice cream bars and then go to the beach. We strolled around, put our feet in the place where the Paillon empties into the sea, and just enjoyed being outside with nothing in particular to do.

We saw a fun street performer doing--honest to goodness--interpretive dance, combined with some amazing stunts on a self-balancing scooter. Ivy was inspired to create a performance of some sort that she could do for the public. I can see her dreaming big in her head.


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