Thursday, June 24, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 185: What a blast!

19,712 steps

Last night was cool enough that I wanted more than a sheet. Wow! I had a nice run in the morning and then cleaned up in the Communist apartment, getting everything ready for sandblasting.

We did our first test in the early afternoon. The air compressor fired up right away. But alas, we found out that The Beast is not quite powerful enough for a longer siphon tube. (See the first part of the video.) Ideally we should have 14 CFM, but even this great big compressor only gives a bit over 8 CFM. I think that's why it just can't suck up the sandblasting media through a 3 meter tube.

So we switched it out for a 1 meter tube and put the bucket as high as possible. We stacked up a series of boxes and crates and step-stools so the bucket was chest high. That worked!

It's slow but satisfying work. Sure, it would be faster if we had professional sandblasting equipment but it would cost hundreds of Euros just to rent it for a day. So we'll do the slow, steady, and inexpensive route.

We used most of a 25 kg bag of sandblasting media for one smaller beam and 1/4 of a big beam. We're going to filter and reuse as much as we can.

We ended at school pickup time. We have little black granules EVERYWHERE! In our scalp, our ears, our clothes (even after showering and/or swimming and changing clothes).

Eric already went for a swim this morning, so he opted to stay home. I took Ivy, Inga, and Dio to the beach. The waves were huge and very few people were in the water. I took a test swim and was surprised at how hard it was to get back to shore. So I told the kids: sorry, no swimming today! While we were there, the lifeguards had to rescue a woman. I let Ivy and Inga just put their feet in, and then we headed home.

Zari had soccer practice this evening, and it went well. I gave her an unsolicited pep talk and told her, "Take it or leave it, but here are some things that may help."

After dinner, Eric and I put up the drywall in the upstairs hallway. The plumber is coming again tomorrow, so we'll have the water supply lines all finished, I believe. Then once we get the shower base installed, he'll come back to hook the shower drain up and test everything.

I hope to have a good work day tomorrow. I'm so eager to keep this renovation project advancing!


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