Saturday, June 19, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 180: Soccer tournaments & obstacle courses

10,648 steps

All three girls had soccer matches today and they, in Eric's words, "killed it." Zari played the best she's ever played, which is great because she's been so down on herself lately. Ivy and Inga were scoring machines.

The rest of us had a quiet morning (Dio and Zari and I). After lunch, we all watched the first half of the France-Hungary soccer match, then Eric had to leave for Zari's game.

Dio had a friend over. Inga and Ivy built an obstracle course for Baya and finally got her to go all the way up using a piece of chicken as a bribe.

I worked on breech stuff (video captioning) and dinner (sausages roasted with fennel & red wine).

After dinner I went to the communist apartment and blew out all the upper walls (reversed the shop vac to "blow" and aimed the airflow at the walls). The amount of dust released was astounding. I could only see a few feet in front of me. I'll let it all settle and sweep tomorrow.

We have plumbers & HVAC people coming on Monday, so I have to work on something next week that won't be too much in their way. I might do the lime mortar on the exposed stone wall (one of the reasons I blew out the walls today). It will be my first try at working with lime (chaux).

Baya is all worn out after 3 walks today.


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