Monday, June 21, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 182: Fête de la musique, how I hate you

I got out the door earlier than usual--well before school started--and did my usual run. Then I picked up Baya and brought her on a walk.

All of France celebrates the summer solstice with the Fête de la musique. It is nice in theory but I don't like noise or loud music, and alas there is loads of it right now in Old Nice. It's the price we pay to live here.

The plumbers came again for another half-day of work. They're great--super friendly and agreeable, happy to explain anything to me (because things are done so differently here!), happy to work around our rather slow pace of renovations.

I cut the drywall for the dividing wall in the hallway, both up and downstairs. Eric helped me hang the first piece, to which we had attached a sound barrier to reduce noise between the front and back halves.

I spent several hours cleaning off the faces of the stones where we will be tuckpointing soon. There is a lot of lime residue left over and I thought I'd clean the majority off now. I've been using vinegar and a wire brush and ample amounts of water to clean and rinse.

I bought the last few supplies for pointing: heavy-duty waterproof gloves, brass wire brush, natural fiber scrub brush.

Baya's owner picked her up this afternoon and gave us a lovely gift of savon noir. I've been wanting to buy some, so it was perfect!


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