Tuesday, June 15, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 176: Never a dull moment

8,652 steps

What a day. Well, first off I woke up before 5:30 am and there was no hope of getting back to sleep. So I got up and did some work instead.

We started building a little wall to separate the downstairs hallway...and then I got called away for a video support of a breech mama in labor. That was intense.

Back in the communist apartment after lunch, we built and installed the wall. Then we cut & jack hammered wall channels for the upstairs hallway and ran a few electrical lines. Sometimes I feel like we work and work and work and there seems to be little to show for all of our efforts.

I showered, packed dinner for Dio (he had soccer practice, then the whole team watched the France-Germany match together), and then went to the miroir d'eau (aka splash pad) with Ivy and her friends. I had to run back home to let Zari in after she got home from school, then go back to the splash pad. Then back home for dinner.

The match just ended, so Eric is going to pick Dio up from the RDV point. We let Ivy and Inga stay up late to watch the first half, since they don't have school on Wednesdays.


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