Friday, June 25, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 186: A 4-shower day

15,159 steps

Today was a 4-shower day. One in the morning, one before lunch, one before dinner, and one after dinner.

Shower #1: You know, the usual reasons for a morning shower.

Shower #2: I spent the morning in the Communist apartment. First I reinforced the smaller beam on the side wall (its supports were rotten and one was drooping). I had already drilled the holes, so today I inserted 8" (20 cm) threaded rods and embedded them into the rock walls with chemical anchor. I feel much better now that the beam has extra reinforcement.

Then I spent the rest of the morning scraping paint off the beams. We found that it works best if we remove the large areas of paint by hand, and then we sandblast the area to get it down to bare wood. And since we have to assume this is lead paint, I took shower #2 and hung my dusty clothes outside. Then I picked up the girls from school for their lunch break.

Eric was at soccer this morning. Once he came back during lunch, I ran some errands. Zari and Dio didn't have school in the afternoon. Dio is officially done for the year and Zari just has her 2 days of exams (brevet) next week.

Shower #3: Eric and I worked all afternoon doing sandblasting and scraping. He found that my shower cap kept the sand out of his hair, and he swapped out his safety goggles for his diving mask. We are SO fashionable!

We only need one more afternoon and the sandblasting in the back half will be done. Woohoo! Shower #3 took place at the end of the afternoon.

I cooked creamy herbed pork chops with couscous. No matter how much sauce I make, the kids always want more!

Zari had an informal soccer game this evening, so Eric went to watch her. I took the other 3 kids out on a walk. The sea was calm and Inga and Ivy begged to go swimming. I didn't have to be convinced--I wanted to go too! Dio chose to stay home and watch a nature documentary. So after my swim, I took shower #4 at the beach.


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