Tuesday, June 29, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 190: Change is in the air

6,572 steps

It's too late already so I'll have to keep this short and probably forego the video. We hung drywall most of the day. It was ridiculously slow, in part because we're working on scaffolding and in part because we're adhering it to the walls with mortar (called the "dot & daub" method). So for each piece, we have to mix up a batch of mortar and then get it all in place, hammering with a long piece of wood and a level to make sure it's straight in all directions, and shim it so nothing slips while it dries.

On the upside, there are no screw holes, just the long joints to tape & sand.

Our plumbers came and tested the entire water supply system--no leaks. Then they disconnected the water heater while we finish everything else up. We had a nice little morning snack break with the two of them and we chatted about life and renovations. They treated us to croissants and pain au chocolat.

We're supposed to call him back when the shower base is ready so he can hook the drain up and test the drain system.

Zari finished her exams this afternoon! They went well and she felt good about her answers. FREEDOM!

I ended about an hour earlier than usual to cook a big batch of sushi for dinner, with the idea of having a picnic at the beach.

Right after school we biked/rode scooters to the Grotte du Lazaret to see the exhibition...only to find out they are closed on Tuesdays! Oops. We brought all our swimming stuff, hoping to swim right across the street at Coco Beach, but alas we had huge waves today and it would have been really stupid to try to swim there. So instead we ate sushi at a nearby park.

I opted to work until pretty late this evening, cleaning the sandblasting media and then sweeping up all of the dust left over.

Oh, good news: I finally have my Carte Vitale number! It took almost a full year.


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