Tuesday, June 08, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 169: Big delivery!

13,731 steps

A momentous day: two pallets of supplies arrived on a delivery truck! It was mostly sheetrock: white (regular), green (for bathrooms), blue (acoustic), and styrofoam-backed (thermal insulation). We also received sandblasting media, acoustic insulating membrane, and wood for the other mezzanine subfloor.

The delivery truck was unable to deliver it in front of our apartment because the crane only worked to the side of the truck, not off the back. And our street is barely wide enough to fit one car! So the driver had to pull into the nearest intersection and drop it off to one side. There was just enough room for a car to pass once the pallets were on the ground.

As we were carrying the drywall down the street, I saw a man in full climbing/rapelling gear descending a nearby building. This is fairly common here; a lot of the manual trades have to be done while suspended on ropes as access is otherwise impossible.

This is life in Old Nice.

Then the not-fun part started: we had to carry everything down the street, into our building, and upstairs. We got everything into the building (with some help from a friend and from the barber next door) but most of the sheetrock is still in the downstairs hallway.

We carried up a few sheets and it about did us in. The staircase is so narrow (for a 4x8' piece of sheetrock) that it required constantly lifting and shifting each sheet around each turn. I can carry sheetrock just fine on level ground. Not so much up our stairs!

We also got a few other small shipments today: more electrical cable and two big buckets of a special enduit de lissage (Toupret Planeo G).

At this point we took a lunch break. I was already pretty kaput. But we powered on in the afternoon and carried 3 sheets of green sheetrock upstairs. We got the first piece cut and installed in what will be the shower! Woohoo! It was a complicated cut, going around a few different beams in the ceiling. But it worked.

I also drilled more holes in the big wall where I'll once again put the MAP. This will ensure that the next layer of MAP, which glues the drywall to the wall, really grips onto the wall. You can see the daubs I did yesterday. Those big scratches are purposeful; they help the next layer adhere well.

I called it quits right before 5 pm. Time for a quick shower, then I brought Dio to a RDV point for soccer practice. Back home to cook dinner (larb). Zari has her brevet oral tomorrow, so she's been practicing this evening.


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