Saturday, June 26, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 187: Nonstop

11,000+ steps, already took my fitness tracker off

Our Saturdays have ramped up now that tournaments are allowed again. Eric, Ivy, and Inga left at 7:30 am for an all-day soccer tournament about an hour and a half away. Inga's team won every match, made it to the final, got all the way to 1-1 at the end of the final and then lost during a shootout. Inga was crying with disappointment. Ivy's team was about in the middle at the end of the tournament.

I spent the morning cleaning sandblasting media down in the Communist apartment. Messy but satisfying--see the video. I was pleased to come up with a way to clean it indoors. All of the videos I watched were with people doing it outdoors.

Dio made a gaming station for Indy. I love his creativity but am a bit worried that he's so fixated on computers and gaming--he would do nothing else all day but play Minecraft and watch YouTube videos if I let him. (I don't.)

I brought Zari and Dio the beach for a short swim, maybe 45 minutes. Dio wouldn't go in the water! He put one foot in, declared it "freezing cold," and refused to try. (The water wasn't cold, not at all.) Zari tried her best to convince him. "Dio, I'll go in with you. I'll let you push me in the water!" Nope, he wouldn't even try.

Eric came home in the early evening and left 2 minutes later for the reading at the Grotte du Lazaret. He didn't even have time to eat! Inga and I ate and then rode bikes/scooters to the event. 

Zari and Dio opted to stay home, and Ivy was watching a friend's dance recital.

We picked Ivy up on the way home around 9:30 pm, which is an hour past bedtime for the 2 younger girls. So everyone got to sleep late. We might not be so happy tomorrow morning! Oh well...


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