Wednesday, August 11, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 233: Cool & cold

9,662 steps

We were lying in bed at 8:10 am, pretending we weren't awake, when our doorbell rang. It was the fridge! We knew it would be delivered in the morning, just not when. It's almost the same size as our old one, but it's a really dark stainless steel, more like dark gray than silver. I don't really like it but it was one of very few models that fit our dimensions.

I walked over to our friend's house one final time to pick up all of our fridge/freezer items. It's so nice to be able to open the fridge and get what I need!

And...we are so happy to have AC today. It's HOT outside. I went on a walk with Zari late this evening and it was still toasty out, even well after sunset. We cool just the rooms are are in down to 27 C. Maybe as an extra splurge we'll go down to 26 C :) Living room during the day, bedrooms at night. It's certainly not chilly indoors by any means, but it's just enough to cut the heat and humidity.

The rest of the day was a big work day for us, and occasionally some of the kids. We put up two more big sheets of ceiling drywall. One part was tricky because there was a huge block of concrete, still in its original bag, that we had to score and jackhammer. It was sticking out 2-3" beyond the ceiling joists. It was a mega pain. Both of us took a go at it.

We also found hot & cold water lines running to our own apartment upstairs, embedded inside that block of concrete. So we had to go very carefully in those areas.

Keep in mind that it was in the upper 80s F (around 30 C) today. We had on respirators and safety googles, which added to the heat.

I also got the stone wall ready for drywall. Ivy did a bit of sanding at one point. Inga got a pass because she was at a friend's house.

We ended right at dinnertime. I had so much gunk and debris in my hair when I showered.


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