Thursday, September 02, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 255: La rentrée!

Ready or not, school has started up again today. Ivy and Inga came back very happy with their teachers. Dio just had orientation today and has his first day of classes tomorrow.

Zari has her orientation meeting tomorrow. She's currently going through her drawer of clothes trying to find something to wear. "This is too tight. This one is too loose. This one is too short."

She's mostly a soccer jersey or plan t-shirt kind of person, but I sense that she's wanting to expand her clothing styles. However, she also does not like clothes shopping (like me!) so I'm not sure how to actually find her clothes.

Zari was very pleased with her hair. After we took pictures, I braided the rest of the loose hair into a fourth braid. She had soccer practice today and wanted it all contained.

More of the same kind of work in the Communist apartment: sanding, mudding, taping, filling in gaps with MAP...we are in drywall purgatory.


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