Monday, September 06, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 259: Square and level

We decided to reframe our window openings to make them square and level. Over the centuries, the original openings had gone askew. So now we have two neat, clean rough openings and a wall that is now 4 cm deeper, filled in with insulated drywall.

We are going to do the same in that bigger opening (the one with the diamond metal grate and the transom window). But that one was really weird, because the wall narrows from one side to the other. So we ripped custom lumber to fit the opening as it both narrowed and tilted. The pieces are all cut to fit, treated against woodworm, and ready to install tomorrow.

After a full work day (with a lunch break and mini soccer practice between Eric and the two younger girls), we had a crazy busy evening as well. I brought Ivy to the park. Eric took Inga and Dio shopping for swimsuits and soccer cleats. Then I had to hurry home and make dinner and then supervise the kids' piano lessons. Meanwhile Eric had to go to a meeting for the coaches in our soccer club. He's still not back yet (9:30 pm).

Meanwhile Zari is crying on the couch because she's stressed and worried about the first impressions she's making and feeling like she doesn't deserve anything (her grades, her place here as a privileged person in a developed country). "I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and I have an obligation to not be big, not take up space. I feel like I have to shrink into myself to let others have more room. I feel like awareness comes with a price, and the price is I have to not be assertive."

Change of subject: Zari's hair was huge today


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