Sunday, September 12, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 265: New old front door

15,124 steps

I had a nice walk to Cimiez and back in the morning. Then after lunch Eric and I picked up a new front door for the back apartment. It was back in the hills behind nice, near the big soccer stadium. The current door is a cheap hollow core door that is cracked and broken and probably dates from the 1950s or 60s. The one we found is solid wood, very heavy, and very old.

I've heard good things about the documentary LulaRich. So I started watching it today and then all the kids wanted to see it, too. Zari was jumping out of her seat because she was so upset at the maniupulation and sketchy sales techniques going on. I had to keep shushing her so we could hear the TV.

Dio and Inga had friends over in the afternoon. Eventually I pushed Dio and his friend out the door and told them to go play outside and be back for dinnertime.

I had a Zoom meeting (podcast interview) right at dinnertime, so I fixed everything beforehand and then told the kids to be quiet and not disturb me unless there was a fire or someone was gravely injured.

We also snuck in one episode of The Flash right before bedtime.

Zari and I had a nice talk during our evening snuggle. She's really enjoying being here and expressed strongly that she doesn't want to leave after next year. A big change from even a few weeks ago.


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