Thursday, September 09, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 262: Prematurely gray

10,806 steps

ANOTHER day of MAP and drywall mudding/sanding. I especially hate sanding. I came upstairs for lunch and my hair had gone gray. I got my hair color back with a vacuum cleaner 🙂

I was very happy when my school pickup alarm went off at 4:20 pm. There's a seemingly endless amount of sanding and mudding left, but it will still be there tomorrow. And the next day.

We got to bed really late last night due to Eric's soccer match. He came home shortly before midnight, and then he needed to shower, etc. My solution to not sleeping well at night is to not stop moving during the day. You can't fall asleep if you never sit down, right?

Ivy, Inga, Eric, and I went for a quick swim after school. Summer has definitely lost its grip. The beach has only a quarter of the people it had in August. The water is cool and refreshing. Not chilly but that will be coming. From our last full year here in 2014-15, I remember that we swam until the end of October.

After dinner I went to the big supermarket to buy school supplies for Zari. It is now open SUPER LATE until 10 pm, which in France is very unusual. Except for restaurants and bars, stores all close in the early evening.

Zari really wanted one of us to snuggle her tonight, but she was already 45 minutes past her optimal bedtime. We told her, "We love you, but you need to get to bed."

"But I need my nightly therapy session! Pleeeeease?"


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