Friday, September 03, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 256: A whirlwind day

5,592 steps

Wow, one of those days where we wonder how we fit everything in. First thing in the morning we gave away a huge pile of wood beadboard paneling--probably 300 planks--that we had salvaged off of the walls of the Communist apartment. We held on to them for a while, but finally realized that we weren't going to use them.

At the same time, our plumber arrived to make a few final connections so we could install the rest of the drywall. He's so awesome. Every time he comes, we remark to each other how much we like him. He is friendly, optimistic, flexible, and more than happy to work around our (slow) renovation schedule.

And then...we got ALL of the remaning drywall up in the apartment. Every last bit. I filled in big gaps with MAP and then taped and mudded all of the new joints/angles/corners.

Zari had her first day of school. She met her "professeur principal" and got a tour of the school. It's a massive complex.

Inga and Ivy came home for lunch today; they eat at the school cantine twice a week.

Eric had a meeting with someone in Saint-Paul-de-Vence regarding a James Baldwin conference. Then he had to hurry back home for a Zoom meeting about a textbook he's writing. Then he had to hurry to the grocery store to go shopping since we were running low on food and many basic supplies.

Meanwhile I got Zari off to soccer. 15 minutes before she was supposed to leave, she realized that her soccer clothes from the day before were still in the dirty laundry pile. We did a rapid 15-minute cycle and then dried her socks with the hair dryer. She put on her damp shorts and her one remaining clean soccer shirt. We got the socks dried in 4 minutes total and were out the door with enough time to buy her a tram ticket and get her on her way.

I was planning a big trip tomorrow to Tende, a village up in the Alps near the Italian border. After the big floods last year, the train from Nice to Tende was made free (2 hrs 20 minutes each way, and really beautiful scenery). We have a huge group of families plannning on going.

However, I just checked the forecast and it shows rain all day starting at 11 am, which is about when we would be arriving. So we might need to cancel and go another weekend. Boo...I really wanted to go! I won't make a final decision until tomorrow morning. And maybe we'll just go for the train ride and back 🙂


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