Wednesday, September 22, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 275: How to slice a beam

4,629 steps

We had a slow start this morning and got to work by about 9:30. After I woke the kids up for school, I spent a while looking at light fixtures while Eric snuggled on the couch behind me.

I did some spackling of larger holes and dings that we had missed while Eric painted the ceiling top coat. We might be able to get away with one coat on top of the primer; we'll take another look tomorrow and see if any shadows appear.

One thing we need to do fairly soon is slice through the big beams that we cut down several months ago. We need to turn them into thick planks (around 5-6 cm thick) that will form the support structure for the catamaran net. This is going to be a challenge without specialized equipment. But here's my plan:

1. Cut into each side with the circular saw. Probably do 2 passes per cut to avoid taxing the saw too much. This will cut about 8 cm deep on each side.
2. Using a 30 cm carbide blade, use a reciprocating saw to cut through the middle part. In theory the blade should stay in the channels that the circular saw cut.
3. Use the planer to smooth the cut surface, then sand.

Will this work? I hope so! The biggest concern is that it will burn out the motor on the circular saw. But, as I keep telling Eric, "Don't worry, it's under warranty!"

I had a podcast interview with Dr. Nathan Riley this afternoon ( ). I'm not sure when it will be released, but it was really fun to record! And guess what--it was NOT about breech birth.

I'm helping Zari study for a math test. Math over here is done differently than in the US. You have to know all the formal proofs and exact definitions and do every step of the proof correctly. Getting the right answer isn't enough. It's tricky!


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