Monday, September 27, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 280: 2 sanders down

We sanded the big beams today. Our orbital sander--a cheap one we bought several years ago for small jobs--is terrible. The Velco on the sander is so weak that the sandpaper barely sticks. It will stay in place for about 2 minutes and then refuse to stick at all. (It's the sander, not the sandpaper-- we tested 2 brands of paper).

So then we tried an air-powered sander lent to us by Comrade. The air flow was never quite enough to keep the sander going at the ideal speed.

So after two failed sanders, we were frustrated. I really, really want a Dewalt random orbital sander. I have one back in the States that has been a workhourse through nearly 2 decades and I don't even know how many houses. Alas, there weren't any in stock so we ordered a Bosch Professional sander instead. I hope it does the job because we are eager to keep going.

We also did a lot of hand sanding where the beams meet the ceiling. We pulled out our set of dental picks, which worked amazingly well to get all the tiny bits of paint out of holes in the wood.

I primed several areas this morning with shellac to keep the tannins from leaching through. A few spots still were leaching so I had to put a few more coats of shellac on. I really hope that is sufficient.

Oh, and another fun thing: we wired the kitchen spots today! I have to wire the switch tomorrow and then we will have LIGHTS. Real lights, not random lamps hooked up to extension cords.

What else? Piano lessons this evening. Eric did dinner tonight: peas cooked with bacon and 2 kinds of quiche: salmon and bacon-leek.


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