Saturday, September 18, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 271: Hike day

23,797 steps

Depite getting off to a late start, we made it out for a big family hike. Minus Zari: she had a soccer game way over in Marseille. Plus a friend of Ivy's.

This hike, the Circuit de Lourquière, was 9.7 km with a 400 m elevation gain. Ivy's friend had never done a long hike like this, but she did well, albeit a bit slowly.

It wasn't particularly hard, but the first half of the hike was up and much of it was in the full sun. At one point everyone but me was talking about turning back. Nevertheless I persisted and insisted we all keep going. We were near the halfway point anyway. Eventually the path went into the shady side of the mountain and then leveled out.

Eric's phone camera is getting more and more cloudy and unable to focus. I got a short video and then the quality became so bad that it was not worth trying. But we had a lovely lunchtime serenade in Peillon, the first stop along the way.

We got home and watched two episodes of The Flash. Ivy and I went shopping for a birthday present for her friend. Zari just came home from a long day away. She scored a goal and had a great time on the minibus with all of the girls. Lots of goofiness and laughing.


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