Thursday, September 16, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 269: Ups and downs

9,638 steps

Today we carried all 950 kg of wood flooring upstairs into the Commmunist apartment. More specifically, I carried up 8 boxes and Eric carried up 40. My tendonitis has been acting up recently so I stopped once it was hurting too much and worked on the apartment while Eric finished the rest. He gets gold stars for his effort today.

So that was the up part. The down part is that we picked up our visas this afternoon, and yet again we were denied the visa we applied for and given a 1-year visitor's visa instead. We're so disappointed since it's the second time applying for the carte de resident and the second time being denied.

So yeah, the rest of the day was a down day for us. We got home with a little time before school got out. I prepped dinner and picked the kids up while Eric had a meeting. Then I went to a parent's meeting at Zari's school that lasted 2 hours.

Now Eric is in another meeting. Zari just came home from soccer. Dio is doing something on a phone, having finished his homework and piano. Ivy and Inga are in bed.


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