Tuesday, September 28, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 281: From electricity to biking, from sanding to zooming

11,948 steps

I snuck in an hour of work on Le Catamaran this morning before I had to leave to chaperone Inga's class. Once a week they walk to an elementary school on the other side of the port to take bike lessons.

The lessons were held in a small asphalt courtyard. Somehow they managed to teach a class of 30 students! There were two groups: one for advanced riders and one for beginners. They had little "obstacle courses" marked out with chains and cones and bars. I was impressed with what they were able to do in a constrained area.

Back home, I tackled more electrical work while Eric continued hand sanding. This was the really complex part--hooking up all of the switches and outlets--but I think I have it all sorted out. The most complex connections are the "va-et-vient" (2- or 3-way switches).

When I wired the outlets, I went a bit overboard and used 2.5mm2 wires for all of them, even though you only *have* to use that for kitchens. I am regretting that now, since it is really hard to get those thicker, stiffer wires to fold into the outlet boxes!

Ivy requested a new hairstyle, which turned out well on the first attempt.

Today's work day was a bit shorter because I had a Zoom meeting at 3 pm. Then after school I made dinner and ran errands.

After school, we all ended up in different locations, on land and in the water. Ivy went with friends to the coulée verte. Inga went to a friend's house. Dio went to a friend's house, and then went to soccer in the hills above Nice. Zari was at lycée until 5 pm, and Eric was spearfishing.


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