Wednesday, September 08, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 261: Another Wednesday

8,082 steps

Zari and Dio were lucky that Eric woke up promptly at 7 am because my alarm was turned off. I vaguely woke up when the kids were getting ready but mostly I slept and slept. I needed it.

Inga requested Zari's Viking warrior hairstyle, so we spent a good long time this morning doing 3 French braids and one regular (but upside-down) braid, all pulled together into a ponytail. 

Eric mixed me up a batch of MAP and I put up the last pieces of drywall in the upstairs hallway room. Really truly the last pieces! 

Then we had our usual soccer-grocery shopping-orthodontist afternoon. Everyone enjoyed practice. Eric is now off playing adult soccer somewhere. Ivy and Inga are in bed and Zari and Dio have half and hour before they have to head in. Maybe I'll go for a walk!


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