Monday, September 20, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 273: Ahead of schedule

15,900 steps

This rarely happens, but we got ahead of schedule and started painting by mid-afternoon! Well, I started painting while Eric continued to do final sanding and cleanup. We found a few spots that needed little touchups with mud, so we have a tiny bit of sanding for tomorrow while I continue to paint. But we are PAINTING!

Oh, and I also went for an early morning run before school. I haven't done that for way too long. It's nice to run before the sun is heating things up.

Zari babysat for a new family today. She was nervous because it was her first time with these kids, but it went well. The older sister is in Ivy's class and seems very happy to explain everything to Zari.

What else? I prepared dinner (roast chicken with wild rosemary, plum tart for dessert) and went grocery shopping while the chicken was roasting.

I also ordered underlayment & glue for our hardwood floors; we are using an acoustic underlayment system that will reduce noise to the apartment below us. (Basically this but a different brand: ). We have to glue the wood down anyway on the main part of the floor, so why not add some soundproofing at the same time?


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