Thursday, March 04, 2021

French renovations Day 73: Soccer, hardware store, and Zoom

Eric took the 3 oldest kids to a pickup soccer game. Ivy and I went on an "adventure" to the hardware store. I needed lag screws (tirefonds), washers, and hex-drive wood screws. It's fun to walk around with her and chitchat about whatever comes into her head.

I also priced out some must-have renovating supplies while I was there, including drywall, lime, fine sand, and MAP. The things I get excited about....

I had Zoom meetings much of the afternoon. Dio stayed at home to catch up on homework ("it isn't fair that we have homework during vacation!"). Eric took everyone else to Place Passable in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

I dismantled the toilet and sink in the communist apartment, as we finally have a working water shutoff valve. Tomorrow we're going to break down that little wall behind the toilet and finally put up the ledger boards for the mezzanine in the back.

Dinner: Eric's normal salad (lettuce, tomatoes, corn, olives, goat cheese) and duck breast in honey-balsamic-shallot sauce. Le Laitier yogurt for dessert.


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