Saturday, March 06, 2021

French renovations Day 75: Prep work, demolition, and a nonfunctional drill bit

13,568 steps

Eric and I made a grocery run this morning. As we walked up to Lidl, we saw a long line coming out of the store. "Remind me not to go shopping on a Saturday during lockdown." At least the line moved quickly.

I got a few phone calls from Ivy during our shopping trip, asking for permission to watch a show and informing me of ongoing arguments between the siblings. At one point Inga was pretending to be deaf (probably to ignore Zari's instructions) and then Zari shouted into Inga's ear and there was much sadness. I told Ivy to tell them: they need to figure things out and hug each other if they want to watch a show.

Ivy helped me break and bag all of the rubble from yesterday's demolition. She kept saying that dust was getting into her safety goggles, but it was actually condensation.

After lunch Eric and I had grand plans to anchor the ledgerboard...only to find out our long drill bit was dull and useless! I took a break to walk to one of the bigger hardware stores in town, and they didn't have the right size drill bit! There were all too short. Argh.

So the drill bit is now ordered on Amazon and coming on Tuesday. Such a small but necessary thing.

The kids played at friends' houses this afternoon, with masks on and/or windows open.

Dinner was a big salad, pre-made paëlla, and profiteroles. I'm now crammed onto the couch with the kids, watching She-Ra.

ps--the bookcase is still available and we'll probably get it on Tuesday!


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