Friday, July 23, 2021

(Other) French apartment renovations, Day 214

Eric got the kids up and out of the house first thing this morning. They've been too sedentary (partly our fault, as we're so busy with renovations). I applied epoxy wood hardener to several problematic areas up in the back room of the Communist apartment. I still need to finish treating the very end of the big beam but the other spots are taken care of now.

The heat pump guys were here again today. Still not quite ready to go. They installed the blower unit in our bedroom in the wrong place (they put it right above our bed, when we'd talked to them several times about putting it to the left of the bed so it's not on top of the mezzaine). So I had to text the boss and ask if he could move it to where we had originally asked to put it. Fortunately it's doable, although it will require even more chipping away and re-re-doing the wallpaper.

The kids helped me prime the new wallpaper in the kitchen. I was going to paint the top coat this evening but it's a bit too late. So that's my plan for first thing in the morning. Then we can finally put the fridge and dining table back in place.

We had our usual late afternoon swim and ended up with 4 other families, our usual group of parents from school. Several of them ordered pizzas and ate at the beach, but we headed home because Eric had dinner planned (green beans & bacon; duck breast with shallots, honey, & balsamic).

Also a few pictures from Wednesday, when I was gone and Eric took the kids out all day due to the dust. The whole house was covered. We had to wash every surface at least 3-4 times to get it to disappear.


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