Thursday, July 29, 2021

(Other) French apartment renovations, Day 220: Paint and wallpaper

13,085 steps

We went to bed last night to the smell of fresh paint (primer). I did the top coat this morning. We now have our bedroom back!

We also wallpapered the 2nd layer on Zari's back wall, and this evening it was dry enough to prime. Ivy helped roll on the primer. We'll paint the top coat tomorrow morning, just in time for when she and Dio come home in the afternoon from their camp.

I also did some retouching in a few other areas in our own apartment since we have all the supplies up here.

I went running this morning. Ivy and Inga played at the chateau with the same friend, and then in the afternoon Eric took them to the library where they played with the friend some more. So they definitely can check "exercise" and "socializing" off their list for today!


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