Friday, July 30, 2021

(Other) French apartment renovations, Day 221: Final paint & hours at the airport

11,822 steps

Ivy and I painted the top coat in Zari's room this morning. Eric and Inga were gone playing soccer. I let her room air out all day with the windows open and a fan running. The paint smell was mostly gone by the evening.

Eric dropped Inga off and kept going to pick Zari and Dio up from their camp. They got home around 4 pm, along with 3 siblings from Corsica who had a flight later in the evening. Zari was home long enough to brush her teeth, and then we headed off to an orthodontist's appointment.

We came back, ate a quick dinner, and then I brought the Corsican siblings to the airport. Since they were flying as unaccompanied minors, I had to stay at the airport with them until their flight took off. So it ended up taking 3 hours in total. I hadn't planned on that today!

I did some major house tidying now that we can put our furniture back and our paint/wallpaper/mudding supplies back. I'm very pleased with the end result of the heat pump installation, particularly that we were able to embed all of the lines inside our apartment.

I could tell the installers really wanted to just install everything with these big plastic "gulottes" (what would they be called in English?) because it would have been easier for them. But they would have been an eyesore forever, and when we got the original estimate, he had told me they could embed everything in the walls. You can't even tell they are there now, and in fact Zari's room looks better than it every has since we redid the entire wall.

Zari and Dio were both exhausted when they came home. Between nonstop activities, late bedtimes, and early wake-ups, they are ready for a relaxed day tomorrow.

Zari made a new friend--a boy a year older than her who is homeschooled. They talked for hours about politics, presidents, conspiracy theories, and history. They also both sat out the "soiree musicale" (dance) since, as she told me, "the music was way too loud! It was so loud I wanted to run away the whole time!" She's so much like me in that regard. Small talk? Kill me now. Deep conversations? Sign me up! Loud music? Kill me now a second time.


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