Thursday, July 22, 2021

(Other) French apartment renovations, Days 212 & 213

10,142 steps

I was so exhausted yesterday that I skipped a day of journaling. The first missed day since the start of the pandemic. Yes, THAT exhausted.

I was gone from 8 am - 7 pm at a musical event (playing my violin at a retirement home). By time we played the last song, I was so tired and hot (wearing a mask + being in a hot room) that I thought I was going to pass out. I hadn't eaten anything all day except a dessert that they served at 4:15 pm. Sugar on an empty stomach = pas bon.

I came home to a disaster. A disaster that I knew would happen, but still a disaster. The heat pump guys had cut wall channels in our living room and bedroom, and there was rock and plaster dust everywhere. I had hoped for a quiet evening: eat and then sit down and relax. But instead the whole family ended up mopping and washing and vacuuming. I didn't stop until about 10:30 pm.

Today we decided to pause the Communist apartment renovations because our own apartment now had big channels cut through the walls. We tore off all of the fiberglass wallpaper in the affected areas, scraped and levels the walls as best as we could, and then began hanging new wallpaper. We ran out of wallpaper in the mid-afternoon. I have more on order (arriving tomorrow morning).

To make the day even MORE fun, in the late afternoon the heat pump guys started cutting the wall channels in Zari's room...not bothering to close her door! So this pumped clouds of dust into the whole apartment AGAIN.

We decided to just leave and go to the beach to let the dust settle. We came back once the work crew was gone. Quick dinner because we were pressed for time (grilled cheese sandwiches with my homemade sourdough bread, Emmental, avocados, & tomatoes; green beans; Turkish yogurt with red berries).

Then...More cleaning! More mopping! More vacuuming! More tearing off old wallpaper!

We'll probably be busy all day tomorrow wallpapering and painting. Then we can get back to our normal programming.

Other news: Ivy is at another sleepover. I hope she goes to bed earlier this time. Last time she was a disaster when she came home.


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