Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Breech tour du monde, day 27: Small group, good times

With only 11 people today, we were spoiled. We got to give everyone tons of hands-on time and do all of the activites together, rather than splitting up and switching stations. I enjoyed having the break from pushing a baby out for 10 hours straight!

We leave early tomorrow morning for Adelaide, which is my last stop before I fly home (via an overnight in Auckland). I can't believe it's already coming to a close! It's a bit silly that I've been in two countries halfway around the world for nearly a month and I still have only done something touristy for one afternoon (hiking). Ah well...

I was up again at 4 am. That's fine, though. Our next stop will bring us 2.5 hours forward, which means 6:30 am. That's usually when I'd be getting up for a workshop!

Here is another picture from Brisbane. Sorry, no time to take pictures today! I hope some attendees will send me theirs.


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