Tuesday, February 07, 2023

French apartment renovations, Day 617: Painting, tiling, and 20 books

5,732 steps

Another busy day. My dad tiled the two toilet rooms. Wow! I was thinking that would be done waaaay in the future.

We had a bit of a paint crisis this morning when I discovered that one of the colors I had mixed was one shade too light. No matter now much I squinted, it was not the same color at all. And I didn't like it.

But we didn't want to spend a half day going back to the paint store, paying $$$ to have new paint mixed, and coming home only to discover it was the wrong color again. (At the paint store, they assured me it was the right color but they were not correct). So finally I decided to start mixing in some of the darker green until the lighter green reached the right shade. I carefully weighed out 50 g of paint and started adding the darker tone, gram by gram. I mixed 4 different tones and discovered that a 20% mix got it just right.

Then I took a deep breath and mixed the entire 5 liter can of paint with 20% of the darker color. It worked great!

Then I painted the rest of the day. Eric was caulking and priming.

I took a trip to the post office to mail 20 more books mid-afternoon. Then back to more painting.

Then dinner, homework, bedtime, breech work...the usual...


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