Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Breech tour du monde, day 20: Wellington workshop day 2

Wow, what a great day! I'm quite glad that I don't have to do a 3rd day of training tomorrow because I need a rest. We fly overseas to Australia, but at least I can turn my brain off a bit.

We sold all but one of the books we've been carting all around the country. Our book shipper has lots more to send to NZ and Australia, but I anticipate we might to print a 3rd NZ run of books relatively soon.

I have missed talking to the family for the past two days. They haven't been around during my one-hour lunch break (dinnertime or later for them), and by time I'm back home it's too late for them.

ps, if you ever do breech training with me, you will come away humming tunes from "The Wizard of Oz." Why is that? Register and find out!!


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