Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Breech tour du monde, day 21: Brisbane, Australia!

16 hours of traveling and $1,000 in baggage fees later, we have arrived.

We were blindsided by the baggage fees. We had booked a Quantas flight, connecting through Auckland. We're using to paying for a few extra bags, but this trip hit us hard. First off, we didn't realize that the first leg of the flight was operated by JetStar, which charged its own fees for our luggage ($600). Then we had to pay AGAIN for our bags on the 2nd leg of the flight, even though it was one booking from Wellington to Brisbane! And both of these flights charged per kg, rather than per bag.

But what else could we do? Ugh, I'm never flying JetStar again. It's fine if you're not traveling with much. But we don't have that choice.

Considering that the main flight wasn't terribly long, we certainly had a crazy long travel day. We're also 3 hours earlier here in Brisbane than in New Zealand. It's going to be trickier to talk to Eric and the kids because my lunch break will now be very late at night, and it will get worse when we go across the country to Perth and Adelaide.

A few km before our airbnb, we made a quick stop for a few groceries. We'll probably do a bigger grocery trip tomorrow when more things are open (including an Aldi!!).


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