Friday, May 07, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 137: Well grounded


We've had a hot, dry wind blowing through Nice the past few days. Eric said it's coming northward from the Sahara. Pots are falling off windowsills, doors and shutters are banging. If we open our windows, the wind whistles through our apartment, like a giant blowing across a glass bottle.

I did PE With Joe after our school dropoff. Eric went to to the basement to work, and I stayed upstairs and got a huge grant application submitted! It's taken us over a half year to research and write the application. Now we wait (and submit many more applications).

After lunch, Eric and I installed the ground wire to the ground terminal in our building's staircase. We had to drill a hole through the exterior wall. (And yes we've got to patch up the outside wall where a chunk of plaster broke off when the drill bit came through. But the plumber did the same thing so it's not just us!)

Then we ran the first four circuits into the kitchen: dishwasher, washing machine, oven, and fridge. We're waiting for the thicker wire (6mm2) to arrive for the induction cooktop circuit, which will be #5. Then #6 is all the outlets, #7 is the undercabinet lighting, and #8 is the vent hood.

After the kitchen, we'll have 4 or 5 more circuits to run in the rest of the back apartment, plus our ethernet lines.

It's fun to finally *do* something constructive, rather than destructive. And as much as French electrical norms are somewhat puzzling to me, it makes more sense once you start doing it.

Also enjoy this picture of me and my current favorite tool: my Boschhammer SDS+.

Inga and Ivy went to the park after school with Eric, as usual. I ran errands for some essential supplies, plus a bag of potting soil and four large terra cotta pots. Zari has been asking to replant several items.

We met with our other two neighbors to talk about some issues with our buildings: repairs, maintenance, etc. We left the kids with instructions to clean up the kitchen and get Ivy and Inga to bed. They did pretty well when we came back downstairs. Dio and Zari had just put them to bed, a bit late but it's Friday.


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