Saturday, May 15, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 145: Soccer & barbeque

7,014 steps

My Zoom meeting ended well after 12:30 am, and then I couldn't fall asleep for a few more hours. I still woke up around the same time but didn't have the energy or motivation to play soccer for 2 hours. So I dropped kids off at the chateau and then took a quick jog back home.

We got invited to our friends who live out in the foothills above Nice. They mentioned they were going to fire up the barbeque, so I stopped by the butcher and got some sausages and shishkebabs.

It was a wonderful afternoon of being outdoors; nibbling on bread, olive oil, & cheese; getting the fires going in the barbeque area and in their outdoor bread oven; lounging in hammocks and sitting on stools. And we did some "work," too, helping chop firewood. Zari, Inga, and Dio all gave it a try. Well, me too 🙂

What was supposed to be lunch turned into an early dinner by time we got everything cooked. This was the friend who is a professional chef, so we ate very well. Zari was making appreciative noises of delight. "Mmmmm, oh, this is SO good!"

We had to be back for a 6 pm Zoom meeting. Definitely a great day for recharging and socializing.


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